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Phuket points of interest are many and varied - and offers an incredible array of experiences. With that many sights, sounds, and experiences that Phuket has to offer, is it really any wonder that this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Thailand? One person's vacation to this beautiful province can be completely different from another's but they are both sure to have plenty to experience when creating that once in a lifetime vacation!

Sirinat National Park

At only 22 square kilometers, Sirinat might seem a bit small for some vacationing adventures, but this little national park has a lot to offer! Gorgeous jungle, beaches, and ocean scenery tie together a uniquely beautiful area even by Thailand standards. Featuring three incredible beaches and a popular area for spotting sea turtles, the experiences available here are amazing.

Thalang National Museum

Located close by to the famous Two Heroines Monument (also worth seeing) this museum opened in 1985 and displays a fascinating preservation of life in what would be considered old Phuket. There are many display that range from native artifacts found in ancient times to remains found from the coast, to even historical items used in the war with Burma.

This is a fascinating stop and should be paired up with the Two Heroines Monument to get the maximum effect.

Patong Hat Karon Beaches

The truth is you just can't go wrong with beaches when you are exploring the Phuket area. These are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but even among the best that Thailand has to offer, Patong and Hat Karon are two large and well developed beaches offering plenty of service, incredible sights, and the type of experience that all beach-goers adore.
The Big Buddha of Phuket

The Big Buddha is a 45 meter (over 135 feet tall) monument of a white marble covered Buddha. This is an incredible sight that is unlike virtually any other monument in the world, and pictures of it are famous. Located on a mountain peak, this holy structure is famous worldwide and the pictures don't do it justice for just how incredible it looks in person.
View Point

View point is a great scenic view that allows visitors and residents alike to enjoy seeing not only the forests and parks below, but four different popular beaches and other points of interest can be seen all at once, creating the best possible view that anyone could hope for.

The Night Life The night life in Phuket is going to be a major draw for some and a major turn off for others. There are tons of bars, clubs, and a very healthy Red Light district. Be warned, this is very R-rated: no quiet hole in the wall type gems, it's just not the style of the area.

In Conclusion

There are many amazing things to visit and experiences to be had for anyone looking to visit one of the crown jewels of Thailand, a nation already considered by many to be the gem of southeast Asia.

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